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Reading Corner

The reading corner is a place where children can enjoy a quiet retreat area as they learn to enjoy and appreciate books and reading. Children have an opportunity to increase vocabulary by hearing new words. Through books children are able to visualise the story as they can see the pictures. Story telling abilities are developed as children gain confidence as they look through a book and predict the story being told.

Reading Promotes
  • Listening skills are developed
  • Storytelling abilities
  • Increase vocabulary
  • Understanding of text such as letters and symbols
  • Enjoyment and love of books
  • self-esteem and confidence
  • A special time children can spend with friends or time alone
  • Imagination as children visualise the things they are listening too.
  • Sharing of stories and experiences
  • An understanding and a time to learn about other people and places in our world

Mem Fox's Ten Read-Aloud Commandments
Handy Hints and the Importance of Reading to your child

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